Volunteer Week

This week is Volunteer Week – a great opportunity to thank and celebrate all the amazing work that volunteers do in our communities.

The community response to the Coronavirus crisis has been nothing short of magnificent with Mutual Aid groups springing up everywhere with one goal – to help those most in need.

Truly, solidarity and socialism in action – and I have tried on my own small way to give a platform with my recent videos to promote that work and some of the people in our communities leading it.

All across our region it is volunteers that have selflessly stepped up and given so much of their time to fill the gaps that years of austerity have caused.

We do need government action in moments like this to really get things moving quickly and resolve the big issues that an issue like a pandemic brings us.

We shouldn’t be having to paper over the cracks or fill in the gaps with thousands of volunteers. We should have a strong, well-resourced government and local councils able to act decisively.

The Tories have failed us over the last 10 years with their cuts and privatizations and their policies have made the lives of so many people a lot harder.

There will be a reckoning over the coming couple of years and I believe that this government needs to be held to account for failing our communities so badly.

But that is a battle for another day. Today, I salute the work of all of our volunteers across the country and in particular our region.