Simon Foster

“I am passionate about access to justice, equality before the law and the rule of law for all.”

I will be a People and Communities Commissioner. That means I will always engage with, listen to and work with all of our people, communities and regions of the West Midlands.

I am passionate about access to justice, equality before the law and the rule of law for all. I have dedicated my 34 years as a legal aid solicitor to these principles. I have always and will always represent the interests of the people rather than those in power.

Justice, because everyone wants and is entitled to Justice. That is why, just as we have a National Health Service, we have a Criminal Justice System. Safety, because this reflects the primary duty of crime prevention and the safeguarding roles that our Police have whether in relation to women who are the victims of domestic abuse, vulnerable children and young people, those with mental ill health and many others. Security, because this reflects the role of the police in relation to law enforcement.

Lived and worked in the West Midlands for 34 years

A Solicitor for 34 years

A People and Communities Commissioner

Effective crime and disorder reduction, detection and enforcement

Justice, Safety and Security for all

I believe in the fundamental importance of public bodies such as the police being subject to local democratic accountability.

It is an opportunity to work with the police service to direct and influence strategic policy and action across a wide range of key issues relating to justice and home affairs.

I have an extensive 34 years professional experience of challenging and holding public bodies to account on behalf of individuals.

My Key Pledges

Fair Funding

Fight for fair funding to return police officers, PCSO’s and essential police staff to 2010 levels to prevent and reduce crime.

Strengthen Community Policing

Strengthen community policing for proactive problem solving, community engagement and visible policing to prevent and reduce crime.

Reduce Violent Crime

A multi-agency and community approach focussed on prevention, early intervention and the underlying causes to prevent victims and reduce all violent crime, including knife crime.

Combat Domestic Abuse

A multi-agency approach to provide access to comprehensive support for victims of domestic abuse and action via the criminal justice system to prevent and reduce crime.

Safeguard Children and Young People

Multi-agency action to safeguard our children and young people and to prevent them from becoming victims or offenders so as to reduce and prevent crime.

Tackling Addiction

Multi-agency action to direct those suffering from chronic addiction to alcohol and drugs towards treatment and harm prevention so as to protect victims and prevent crime.