Why support me?

“I will fight for fair funding for the West Midlands and to strengthen community policing.”

Between 2010 and 2019, under the Conservative government, the West Midlands had £175 million cut from its budget. We lost 2,221 police officers and many hundreds of police staff. Local Council Tax payers have been forced to pay more while seeing less policing. That was a deliberate choice by the. Tory government. That has meant less justice, less safety and less security for the people, communities and regions of the West Midlands.

I will fight for fair funding for the West Midlands and to strengthen community policing. Yes, we need effective crime and disorder, reduction, detection and enforcement. But, we must prioritise prevention, early intervention and the underlying causes of crime because the prevention of crime is always better than having to deal with the consequences of crime.

“I will be a People and Communities Commissioner. I will stand for Justice, Safety and Security for all.”

I’ve been a legal aid solicitor for over 34 years, have always represented the interests of the people rather than those in power and have always held public bodies to account.

As your Labour Police and Crime Commissioner I will be a People’s and Communities Commissioner. I will stand for Justice, Safety and Security for all.

My Core Principles

Justice, Safety and Security

Access to Justice, Equality before the Law and the Rule of Law

Policing must always be and be seen to be by consent

Effective crime and disorder reduction, detection and enforcement

Equality, Human Rights and anti-racism

The police service is a public service, available to all, free at the point of use and funded by collective direct taxation

The public are the police and the police are the public

Prioritising prevention, early intervention and the underlying causes of crime

Protection and support for the vulnerable and victims

Leadership, democratic accountability, engagement and scrutiny

The promotion of rehabilitation

Professionalism, impartiality, independence and ethical standards

My key objectives and priorities

We Must

  • Fight for fair funding for the West Midlands
  • Strengthen Community Policing
  • Reduce violent crime, including knife crime
  • Combat domestic abuse
  • Prevent children and young people from becoming victims or offenders
  • Tackle drug and alcohol addiction
  • Protect the vulnerable and victims of crime
  • Ensure effective crime and disorder reduction, detection and enforcement
  • Prioritise a public health approach based on prevention, early intervention and the underlying causes of crime
  • Build a police service representative of the communities it serves

Continuity and Review

  • In the interests of continuity I would intend to build on and develop many of the key objectives and principles of the current Labour Police and Crime Commissioner (“PCC”), David Jameson.
  • I would carry out a review of the PCC’s current key objectives and outcomes in order to assess current progress and status and to determine whether any revision is required.
  • To ensure the police service is economic, efficient and remains valued as a public service, available to all, free at the point of use and funded by collective taxation.
  • I will oppose Tory imposed austerity and any consequential cuts to policing and argue for adequate and fair funding and a fair funding formula.
  • Value for money for all of the communities across the West Midlands.

Police and Crime Plan

  • To prepare a PCC Plan that reflects the policies and needs of the people of the communities and regions of the West Midlands.
  • To work closely with local residents, elected representatives, trade unions, businesses, faith groups, other public bodies and the third sector to address your policing priorities and to involve the public in the process of holding the Chief Constable to account.
  • I will consult and engage with police officers and police staff who are responsible for providing the police service to the public on a day to day basis and ask for and listen to their ideas and views.
  • The allocation of resources must acknowledge social and economic inequalities and reflect that those living in economically deprived areas are more likely to be affected by and vulnerable to crime.
  • To hold WM Police to account by way of appropriate measures and targets.
  • To commission reviews when there are specific issues of wide ranging public concern to local people.

Policing Service

  • To increase the number of Police Officers, Police and Community Support Officers and Police Staff across the service and promote and protect front line and community policing to keep our neighbourhoods safe and secure.
  • I will ensure that we have the right mix of skills and staff, including specialist staff, so that we have a police service fit for the 21st century.
  • To ensure that the police service treats all of the people it serves with fairness and respect at all times.
  • The powers that we provide to our police service come with a duty to ensure that at all times they comply with high standards of discipline, ethics, integrity and professionalism and set an example which is essential for public confidence, legitimacy and trust.
  • Complaints against the police can often raise complex issues that are not always capable of easy resolution. However, progress must be made towards dealing with complaints in a more just and timely manner.
  • To acknowledge and address the issues relating to the pressures under which police officers are operating as identified in the recent Police Federation welfare survey and to ensure that the police service treats its workforce with fairness and respect.


  • To acknowledge and understand the role that Tory imposed austerity, deprivation, inequality, lack of opportunities and poverty has played in destabilising and undermining community infrastructure and resilience by for example, reducing youth services, child adolescent mental health services and reduced resources for special educational needs which can leave young people without support and vulnerable to becoming involved in crime and anti-social behaviour.
  • To prioritise and promote the use of prevention, early intervention, support for parenting, education, training, mentoring, housing, recreational opportunities, diversionary activities and the addressing of the underlying causes of crime and anti-social behaviour at all stages in the criminal justice process.
  • Re-offending rates are too high. I will look to support, work with and promote effective initiatives that aim to rehabilitate, reintegrate and reduce re-offending, including in connection with raising awareness of and addressing the role of mental heath, addiction issues, involving alcohol and substance misuse and gambling.
  • To ensure that the use of artificial intelligence, algorithms, facial recognition and predictive analytics are subject to adequate and proper democratic examination and scrutiny.

Community Safety

  • Effective and lawful crime and disorder reduction, detection and enforcement are essential for community safety and security.
  • I will promote a comprehensive service for victims and survivors of domestic abuse and the use of measures to address the continuing and unacceptable levels of abuse and violence against women and girls.
  • To keep our children and young people people safe and in particular those who are at significant exposure and risk of abuse due to county lines drug activity or on line sexual exploitation because of their being care experienced or excluded or off rolled from school.
  • To focus on and ensure that appropriate and necessary resources are available to address and tackle crimes of violence, knife crime, hate crime, modern slavery, vehicle crime, road safety, robbery, burglary, anti-social behaviour, money laundering and financial crime, security and counter terrorism.
  • The growth of fraud and cyber related crime will require a continuing and developing response. This will require improving skills and IT in order to prevent and solve cyber crime.
  • To convene the West Midlands Local Criminal Justice Board with the aim of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the criminal justice system by bringing together criminal justice agencies to support joint working and improve services.


  • I will ensure appropriate and necessary support is provided to the vulnerable and victims of crime that has regard to their particular circumstances and needs.
  • I will ensure that there is compliance with effective minimum standards of services for the victims of crime.
  • To promote the use of alternative methods of disposal and restorative justice whenever and wherever it is appropriate and wanted.

Multi-Agency and Partnership

  • I will always encourage and promote holistic, multi-agency working with partnership agencies, including local authorities, health services, schools, housing providers, the third sector, community groups, volunteers and the criminal justice system to ensure a collective, collaborative and cooperative approach to prevention, early intervention and and the underlying causes of crime.
  • I will seek to continue and improve co-operation between police forces, collaborate with other emergency services and drive better joint working with the criminal justice system whenever appropriate and possible.
  • I will consider collaboration between the police and fire service if and when appropriate.

Diversity and Inclusion

  • I will subject to examination and scrutiny and seek to eliminate any and all institutional and structural biases, discrimination, disproportionality and racism against BAME people and communities whether in relation to the use of stop and search, the use of force, the way in which those with mental ill health are dealt with or otherwise.
  • I will seek to address issues in connection with recruitment, career progression, retention, diversity and inclusion to ensure that we have a police force that reflects the people, communities and regions that it serves.
  • To encourage and enable a cross section of people from different regions and communities to participate at the Strategic Police and Crime Board.

Social Responsibility

  • I will continue to ensure that West Midlands Police and the Office of the PCC remain Living Wage employers and the Office of the PCC remains a Living Wage Funder.
  • I will seek to address and support the closing of any gender pay gaps that exist or that might arise within West Midlands Police and the Office of the PCC.
  • Ensure that all procurement opportunities are taken so that West Midlands Police and the Office for the PCC contribute to local economic development, buying local, supporting local jobs and community wealth building.
  • To support youth employment initiatives including apprenticeship programmes.
  • All opportunities will be taken to ensure that WM Police and the Office of the PCC become an environmentally and sustainable green police service in relation to energy efficiency and water efficiency and examining the feasibility of sourcing energy needs from renewable providers and the feasibility of switching part of the force's fleet of vehicles to electric/hybrid/hydrogen vehicles.
  • To review the role that the police play in connection with the homeless and rough sleepers.